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Is it normal that i'm afraid of ladybugs?
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I have an extreme fear of ladybugs, is it normal?
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Yes a lot of fear bugs in general.
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Flicking the switch on your lamp, the room instantly fades into darkness as you breath a sigh of relief, your head hitting the soft pillow beneath. Your eyes stare blanklessly up at the ceiling, your hands clutching the sheets tightly. You close your eyes for just a second, but a faint humming noise makes you snap them back open in alarm.

What was that? You wait in silence, and hear the humming come closer. Your arm reaches out fearfully towards the lamp, lighting up the room again. You let out a loud screech of alarm as you realize it's empty, soulless eyes staring right at you. The beasts blood-stained shell makes you shiver, as it flaps it's wings threatingly. You make an attempt to escape, but in a flash the monster whirls towards you, the last thing you see is it's horrible polka dotted body. There is no escape.
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You should hook up with the person who posted that they are afraid of butterflies. You might just hit it off.
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"So, you're afraid of Insects and women. Ladybugs must render you catatonic"
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