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Is it normal that I'm afraid to grow up?
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So, I'm getting older and I hate it. After the age of twelve, I've dreaded becoming older. I honestly sometimes feel like a twelve year old stuck in an older body. It's not that I'm immature, I'm actually a pretty good student, but I don't feel like the other people my age around me. I'm pretty naive and innocent and I feel like the only one. Is there such thing as age identity disorder? Because while others celebrate about being old enough to do things, I am terrified of developing and everything to do with that.
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I know someone who's 25 and he often lies about his age. I think he's embarrassed and can't deal with the fact of becoming older.
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Oh, grow up!
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By any chance were you spoiled, sheltered and raised by strict parents?
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are you in your 20s ? I had same problem in my 20s but you can't do anything about it, accept it

its normal I think, when time comes to take responsibility we try to find excuses lol
or may be you just afraid of getting old and dying...also normal ;)
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