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Is it normal that I'm against all animal euthanasia?
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I'm completely against euthanizing animals for any reason, including because of illness, pain, lack of room,or any other reason! I believe that life is so valuable, that to end it is completely evil and insensitive. I'm not even sure if I believe in heaven being open, so I think that suffering after death is much worse than a terminal illness. This Mike the Tiger situation is really pissing me off. They should let him die naturally no matter what his condition! Are my feelings normal and is it normal to believe in greater suffering because of lack of heaven?
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I used to have a dog that was slowly dying. She was always in pain, she couldn't walk, and she couldn't eat. Having her euthanized ended her pain. I'm guessing you'd change your mind if you knew someone like that or if you were the one in pain yourself. None of this is me trying to be jerk, btw.
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I'm not only in favour of euthanasing animals who have incurable painful conditions, but also in favour of humans being able to choose this for themselves.

Heaven and hell don't exist so that consideration is totally irrelevant, but you're not making sense anyway: WTF do you mean by heaven being "open" and "lack of heaven"?
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So you believe in hell but not heaven? Not normal.
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You won't understand until you have a pet you had since childhood slowly die from cancer. It's something no pet owner should go through.
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