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Is it normal that im always hungry?
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After I eat I always feel the need to eat something else and if I eat a really big meal after like 2 hours I eat again and again

i'm not that hungry like I don't have to eat but I just choose to eat but i'm also not full so I can eat you know?

is this a eating disorder or am I just fat

p.s I do workout everyday and i'm pretty skinny not obese or 200pounds or anything.
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i usually try and drink alot of water before i go for a meal cause my doctor told me that sometimes we are confused between thirsty and hungery soo a glass or two before always helps.. maybe it can work for you too
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high metabolism it sounds like. you are probably a young teen which violates the ToS of this website but dont worry, eating a lot can be normal, but if you start getting fat then try to change your diet.
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Eating foods high in carbs makes you hungrier. Keep your breakfast minimal, like a protein bar, and don't snack around. Cravings should go away.
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Worms in your tubes.
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I had this same problem,and it turned out I was so hungry because of a medication I was taking. If you take medication,find out if it causes weight gain.
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