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Is it normal that im alwyas being compared?
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OK so basically I am 18 years old. Since I was a little girl my father has always compared me to my mother. She's not the best of examples with the alcohol and smoking and kids and bad living conditions but she's my mother and there's nothing I can do about that. I have a boyfriend and I really like my dad and my step don't agree. My dad threatens him all the time and get very angry with me even when I'm on the phone with him. He says I'm not going to be anything or do anything with my life because of that and that I'm just like my mother. How can I get him to just stop? or what else do I need to do? I really don't know what to do at this point and I'm getting to the point where I'm just ready to graduate (Which is in a few months) and move on.
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He's afraid he's going to lose his baby girl. Continue to love your dad but move forward because you must.
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@: felixy
should I let him know how much it hurts to hear that on a daily basis. Everything I do results in a comparison and me being something that I'm not and its all for jus being me. I cant help that my mom is who she heck he chose her. I'm really tired of it and I don't want it to end badly.
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Like the other person said, your dad is just afraid to lose his baby girl, so you need to try and talk to your dad about his concerns. If you can convince him to calm down, you will have a much happier life if the two of you (you and your Bf) continue to date into your late teens and early 20's...
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