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Is it normal that I'm constantly swallowing my saliva?
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Is it normal that I am constantly having the need to swallow my own saliva almost every minute or so? I wouldn't mind swallowing my saliva all of the time, however, it bothers me when I'm in a quiet setting such as a classroom, where I'm afraid that I'm bothering others around me to the point where I would become anxious. I am sure even the teachers could hear me, it's more of a gulping sound... I carry along a water bottle to spit in every now and then...
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Drill a hole under your chin?
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I was going to say normal up until the water bottle remark. EWWW... Everybody swallows their own spit, but maybe you're just over-reacting to the noise you hear inside your head when you swallow?
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Fun times
*power craps*
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Everyone swallows their own saliva often, I think you are being overly self-conscious about it. Most people don't even notice the noise it makes, don't worry about it.
But the water bottle thing is weird. Sorry, but I'm just being honest. It's gross.
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I wouldt care if the whole area heard me swallow. If I want to moisten my throat, then by the gods, I will swallow!
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Actually u are supposed to just let ur mouth hang open and let it all drip out in a long line of baby drool. Really?????
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I sometimes feel like I have too much saliva so I keep swallowing every 8 seconds or something. But that only lasts for a short time. I put Yes. But I've never heard of using a water bottle for it before :)
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thanks. i'm sure the whole class can hear me. some would turn around and what not. But, thanks, i won't let it get to me anymore
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Yeahhh..... that's just nasty...
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The amount of saliva produced in my mouth are in a great amount, sounds like I am gulping down water. And it usually goes on for the entire time in class, every five minutes or so... I was really embarrassed about my problem, that I had dropped three of my college classes last semester. But, I'm handling it better this time around. Now, I'll take small sips of water now and then, rather then spitting it out heheh. THANK YOU for all of your positive responses!!!
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Is it possibly the amount if cum you have been ingesting ? Maybe it's not saliva at all - maybe stop sucking 20 Dicks a day ?
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