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Is it normal that I'm never happy with my writing?
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I generally write as one of my casual hobbies. Poetry and stories are usually what I write. But it seems like after finishing each one, I grow dissatisfied with it. Disappointed. Stumped. I feel like I can do better, but I really have no clue how to improve it whenever I'm unhappy with it.

It's not like necessarily a big perfectionist in life either, as this usually doesn't happen to me with my other hobbies, like art and music.

Is this normal? And if so, any advice or tips as to how I can avert this issue? Any form of comment is appreciated.
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Maybe go to a creative writing class, you might get inspired.
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'Writing Tools: 50 essential strategies for every writer' is my recommendation. Aside from that, talk out all your words. It'll force you to make smoother, clearer sentences.
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I feel the same way! Except I haven't completed anything. I start off real good but then I think of other ideas.
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Writing is a craft and can take years or even decades to reach a level of competency or mastery . Some writers expext results immediately and are no doubt dissapointed if said results are not forthcoming. Some people develop the skills much faster, so either way, don't be too hard on yourself. Think about your motivation for writing in the first place. You should enjoy the creative process and look for the positive or even small improvements in your work. The craft of writing poetry has been described as exquisite torture. Someone once said a poem is never finished, only abandoned! Ultimately, read widely and research writing that interests you. Develop your own style. Persist and good luck!
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Same advice to the girl that no one ever knows.
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