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Is it normal that I'm obsessed with my friend?
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This is going to sound really weird, but please don't think I'm a freak... I'm obsessed with my friend, or at least I think I am. I'm a girl and so is she.I constantly am looking at her. We aren't even close or anything. We talk sometimes, but we don't hang out. I don't think I'm a lesbo, but I mean... this doesn't seem normal. I'm happy when I'm around her.I really wish we were closer friends.I think about her all the time. Maybe I'm jealous of her... I just don't know.
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It's natural to feel close to a friend your probably not lesbo just wishing that you to could be closer friends and studying her to see what she likes. Maybe you just don't realize it.
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Thanks! I think you're right, but I also think that I'm slightly jealous of her. (sigh)
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I have this same problem but I'm a guy and I dunno what to do. I'm defiantly not gay, but there is this guy I really like, I'm only friends with him at the moment but I have fantasies of being bestest friends, like brothers. He used to be someone I hung around with but then I realised how cool he was just by looking at him. And I'm really lonely so when I was sad he used to hug me and I really liked that. Then I decided that he'd be my best friend and he's what I want more than anything in the world. I can't stop thinking about him. Even his name makes me smile. We used to be best friends but I started copying him and stalking him on facebook and then he fell out with me, it took me ten weeks to be friends with him again, but now I think he's avoiding me, we haven spoken in person for ages now and I miss him...
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This describes my current situation exactly, and I feel like can't do this anymore. It's been 5 months since he last picked up the phone to call me and it's been one month since I called him and it just hurts. I keep going over every conversation we ever had just to try to find something missing that could help me revive our friendship. We're not fighting now, but I think he might be bored with me. Also, about 7 months ago he met another friend and I think he prefers him to me, and I get the message that I'll never be good enough and that I'm replaceable. If this is how friendship is, then what's love like??!!! I believe he's avoiding me too. can we talk? You're the only one I can talk about this with...please.
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somebody comment please... i need feedback
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dnt worry thats normal. Do u sumtyms fantasize abt ha? Just let ha knw hw do u feel.maybe shez feeling the same way.
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That's so normal I go through the same thing I have a freind that I want to be my brstfreind, and I just really like her and not lesbio
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That is totaly normal. There is this girl at my school, (im a girl to) and I do the EXACT same thing that you said. im not lesbo, i just really want to be her bff. and, surprisingly, its working! :D
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I know the feeling. But i have trouble getting close to people. I like good people but my awkwardness and emotional lack pushes everyone away.
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Ya I feel your pain. I have this one friend who Im obsessed with and its like you don't know if your bi or not. Maybe your just a little jealous of her or your just going through a phase. In that case you'll clear off eventually. Hope I helped. :)
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I'm exactly like you. I just met this girl becuase we are doing a play together. She is super pretty and just hilarious. She's really out going and super easy to talk to. I'm definately jealous becuase I want to be exactly like her. I also just want us to be really good friends so I can talk to her more then the 2 days a week that we have play practice.
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