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Is it normal that I'm shook that much by just this?
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BP RaNia aka RaNia made their comeback in December 30th, 2016. They added 3 new members Yumin, Jieun and Ttabo, Saem returned and now is Yina and along with Seulji aka Zi.U now, Hyeme and Alex came back as Black Pearl RaNia releasing Start a fire and make me ah and killer remix.
Since the MV release yoooo I'm shook so much can't recover altho I'm bitter Alex isn't included in the choreo but I'm still slayed
And yooooooo make me ah is LIT
Please support my girls, listen to make me ah and start a fire, buy their album on kpopmart and Ingenio media website and find me some ways to get over my shookness cuz I can't welcome 2017 by singing you make me ah ill make u ahhhhhh
Start A Fire:
Make me ah:
Give a listen to Killer Remix too
Thank you and support my queens
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I dislike modern pop music.
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...was that in English?
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Op is writing this from 1999 using a time machine, stuff like this was popular in the early days if the internet
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Kill it with fire.
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The past participle of shake is shaken.
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