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Is it normal that I'm trying to learn to hack?
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Basically, I've been watching a lot of Game Theory and Watch_Dogs. Is it weird that I'm actually trying to learn to hack?
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Get you a Guy Fawkes mask too. I used to think it was stupid, but now that mask has grown on me.

Seriously, hack that damn Ashley Madison again and NAMBLA too.
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So long as you keep it purely ethical, I personally take no issue with it. And do remember that going about it in the wrong way could indeed land you in prison.
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While it does have many uses, keep in mind that Watch_Dogs is not an accurate representation of what hacking can do. However, I wish you luck in your endeavors.
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Really? -3? For being honest? You people make me sick.
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I hear its a great field. You could become a pen tester
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im dead. but . . .
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Yeah man but don't get drunk with power
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hack nasa and send them dick pics
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