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Is it normal that I'm turned off by nail polish?
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Ever since I was little, I've thought nail polish was kind of disgusting. Now I'm 17, and when I am looking at girls, nail polish, particularly when it's colored and not just clear, is a major turn off from the get go. I don't know why that is, because none of my friends have even heard of something like that or consider it. But to me it's just gross in a way I can't describe. Not in the way that it makes me sick to be around or just to see or anything like that, but from an attraction perspective I can't stand it.

I don't like girls who wear a lot of makeup either, but it's definitely not as inherent of a turn off and is more just a preference than the nail polish. Is this normal? Is there anyone else out there like that?
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I bet fake nails drive you crazy.
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@: Rihyae
Yeah, I hate them. They're just gross to me.
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I feel ya

Especially when it's red colored yuk
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Yup, red is the worst.
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I love it when women paint each of their nails a different colour, its drives me wild!
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I'm majorly hung up on women's hands.

I have a hand fetish.

I have a nail fetish, especially if she has long fingernails.

And most strangely of all, I have a fetish for a woman holding me from behind with her hands kept pulled back extremely tight into my stomach. Comes from getting held on laps that way a lot when I was young, blame a couple of older teenage girls in my environment. The hand and nail fetishes probably originate from the same source.

But I agree with you, I find colored nail polish a major turnoff. Plain nails with no polish, great. Clear nail polish, okay. But colored nail polish can make me feel almost physically nauseated.
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its definitely very strange, I'm not turned off by it, and never think about it, but since you bring it up I have also always found it odd. And then yeah to some extent other make up too
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Wow, someone else who thinks women who use all kinds of paint, lacquers and prosthetics aren't all that hot.

Your aversion to nail varnish is interesting, since you say it is one you've had since very young. Presumably, a negative encounter with a particular set of varnished nails was traumatic for you?

What your question is really asking is, "IIN that I don't like faked-up women?" Interesting that about 40% of people here believe that preferring natural-looking women is weird. We live in an age of phonies, where far too many have swallowed the advertising industry's Big Lie that external image is the most important thing.
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@: Boojum
I don't recall such a traumatic experience, but I've had the aversion since I can remember, so it could have been when I was very young.
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You like girls natural. So yes that is normal :)
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Thanks for the help
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