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Is it normal That It Stings When I Urinate After Sex?
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I urinate right after I have sex (because every girl should and it is healthy). Sometimes when I urinate, it kinda stings. This occurs only when I havn't had sex in a while. I always thought it would make sense for it to sting, considering that after a few days/weeks, nothing had been "in there" until now. Does this happen to other girls?
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I get a sort of warm/slightly burning feeling but it doesn't sting or hurt in any way.
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well yeah i guess the burning feeling is what i meant. sometimes it just burns, and sometimes if its been a loong time between sex, it will burn a little more than the last time
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this happens to me, too.
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Uhm it's prolly because you are slightly torn. This happens to me too. There usually is a tiny spot of blood too. But yes it's normal.
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This happens to me too. I was a little worried, but it sounds like it happens to other too.
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Sounds like you have a dose you ignorant motherfucker!
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