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Is it normal that my 3-month-old shiz tzu puppy makes nests?
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My new baby boy shih tzu (3 months old) makes nests. Sometimes I'd leave the door to our garden open and he would gather branches, twigs, leaves and make a nest, kinda like a bird's nest. Whenever I close the door to the garden and he can't get out, he'd just gather old towels and used clothes from the laundry basket, and make a circular nest and he'd sit in the middle of it. :(
I have another male shih tzu who is 2 years old, and he never did this when he was born.
Is this normal puppy behavior?
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Comments (11)
Aww. I want to see this puppybird nest!!! A lot of animals walk in a circle where they are about to lay down. One of my dogs does. Shes getting her spot all comfy.
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Supposedly this is to clear the area of insects and snakes too.
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Yes I see. Well while my female is circling, my male will just eat whatever scurries out. He likes bugs. He used to dig up earthworms and eat them. It was frikkin adorable.
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I don't think it's normal in that I've never had a puppy do that but it sounds like cuteness has reached maximum density!!! What a cool puppy!
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A dog I used to have used to collect his dirty poo poo mats, his toys and random towels and put them in a big pile.

I'm so jel. I love Shih Tzu's!
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That sounds so cute!

My Jack Russell used to collect sticks to play with and chew up later but she unfortunately never made nests with them.
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Your dog is a bird.

What did those scientists do.
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Dude, my dogs do that! My fat one made a nest in the bushes and then sat in there.
Dog Behavior: If it only stays in a mud nest, it is trying to keep cool in the warmth.
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Awwwww! Sooo cuuute! So fwuffy! Adowibow!

Ok never talk about puppies under 1 yr. with me! It makes me puppy crazed! Oh, It's normal!
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normal. puppies tend to find a spot they like, and then get anything they can find to make the spot more comfortable (either comfort or decor). Its like when we fluff up our pillows, or decorate our houses the way we like.

Until your puppy grows out of this, always keep stuff near by for it to make it's bed how it likes.
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I don't know if it's normal or not, but it sounds really cute!
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