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Is it normal that my boyfriend call me a bitch
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He seems to like to call me that and i dont mind
Bcus i know he doesnt mean it in a offensive way and its a turn on for me anyways but i wonder why some guys do that.. ?
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Comments (14)
We, if it doesn't offend you, then that's fine, but I know if any guy called me that, he would see a side of me he never knew existed.
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Because he doesn't respect you
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Because he thinks it is a turn on for you.
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That's kind of messed up.
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We are bitches to say the least
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Grab his boner and beat him with it
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Just don't let him call u worse things. Don't let it progress, bcuz u don't wanna become a statistic of another girl with her self esteem damaged from a Guy putting her down all the time.
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Cuz women are bitches.
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You already have a ghild: your boyfriend.
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He isnt serious and he doesnt mean it so it doeant offend me.
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Naa that fucked up beat his ass and call him a bitch
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That's a nono for me. He has all sorts of strange nicknames for me, but even jokingly. Calling me a bitch makes me a bitch lol
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