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Is it normal that my boyfriend is 7 years older than i am.
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I just join this site and im wondering if its normally to be with a guy that is 7 years older than you?. ive been with this guy when i was age 16 and im now 19 but its kinda weird in the public cause im still young,still in high school but i love him, well now im not so sure if he feels the same way.he harldy text,he doesnt want me to call.the only time we speak is when we cross an older is really hard and depressing at times
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What's happening between you has nothing to do with the age gap, but because apparently you're far more interested in him than he is in you. What do you mean by "with" him? If you mean sexually when you were in high school then he's broken the law.

It's not because he's "an older", it's because he doesn't want as much contact as you do.
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@: Ellenna
it wasnt a sexual relationship.
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Having an age gap is normal. My aunt is 8 years older than my uncle.

However, I don't think the issue here is because of the age difference. He doesn't seem to be interested in you the way you are in him. Talk to him. If he doesn't want to be close to you like you want him to, you may have to let him go. A relationship is a two-way street. He can't put no effort in and expect to keep you.
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He's probably losing interest for whatever reason, you should talk to him.

My guess (I could be completely wrong on this), since it wasn't a sexual relationship, then he may have been attracted to how naive and childlike you were at 16; you probably listened to all his stories, followed everything he said, and so on (Like how an impressionable teen would). However, you've grown and becoming a woman, you're no longer that gullible 16 year old.
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Age gaps are totally normal, as long as you're both adults. The other part, about him not wanting to talk to you, definitely not normal. If things don't change, I would let him go.
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Let him go and move on. You'll get over it.
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He just basically told you indirectly that he wants to be ok with you but just not fucking with you the same way, aka that relationship is over.
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he seems to have moved on with his life if he doesn't text you or anything and the right thing to do would be to stop chasing him because that is desperate.
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The age gap is normal. Him being so ignorant to his girlfriend isn't.
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If you got with him at 16 and he is ignoring you now, he probly dumped you for not sleeping with him. Forget him, you deserve better than that pervert.
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I'm sorry to say, but he's 26, and there's nothing wrong with an age gap relationship between consenting adults, but he sounds married to me. You can't call him at home and he doesn't text? Please look into that possibility and don't get hurt
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