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Is it normal that my boyfriend likes to stick his finger in my ass?
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Is it normal that my boyfriend likes to stick his finger in my ass when he fingers me or we have sex? He said he likes it because its quite tight. I haven't had anal sex yet. Please comment!
Thank you xx
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Comments (8)
I've done the same to my wife but mention anal she goes mad & thinks I'm going pervert Shame but I still love her.
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While I was still fucking my wife I loved sticking my finger up her arse while licking her pussy. I never got to fuck her up the arse."
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Totally normal my b.f loves it tooo
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Very normal. 'Nuff said!
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Well tell me this do you like it?
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yeah i do... why?>x
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he wants to get your ass used to his finger so later he can use his dick. its not rocket science!
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i bet he secretly smells his finger afterwards
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