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Is it normal that my boyfriend loves his nipples sucked?
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I have great sex with my man. I love have my nipples fondled & sucked. It really gets me off. Recently, my man has me suck his nipples a lot. I latch on like a hungry kitten. He gets off so much he almost blows his load while I suck. We can position ourselves to suck each others tits simultaneously. It's hot! I'm getting aroused writing about it. You should try it.
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I got horny while reading that!
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My hubby loves me to suck his too. I guess they are just as sensitive as we women are.
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Mine always has to have me start with giving him "nipnips" before we move onto anything else.

Licking, nibbling, sucking and gently pinching all work on him.
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my nipples are directly connected to my dick. Its a must they get rubbed while I am getting head and ready to cum. If the wife rubs them slowly my dick just drips and drips with precum. the we share the precum and the cum.
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I really like it . if i could i would suck them my self because nowadays i don,t have a girlfriend . is it weird ?
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His got too much woman genes in him, it's not normal lol, sure his not gay?
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