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Is it normal that my boyfriend says he loves me after less than a week
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We were friends for a while before we started dating, but four days into dating my boyfriend started telling me he loves me. I usually reply by just kissing him or if it's a text, putting a heart or xo... i don't feel ready to say it back.
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By the way I was totally right not to trust him and not to say it back!!!! He said that day that he loved me and he absolutely did not want to be with anyone else and he would wait for me to be ready and trust him ... Not anymore turns out he wanted to hook up with other people the whole time yeah that's is love... I knew he didn't know what love is. I was so right not to say it back since I wasn't ready!!!!
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ya , i know. it's been 3 months and I'm still not ready to say it. then again, i feel weird even saying it to my mom.

love is not the butterflies you get in your stomach or any of these 'feelings.' its not even when two people find out they're 'soul mates' (what BS); it's simply when you've discovered that your loved one has flaws, and still decide to be with them. that is the meaning of it.
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Caveat Emptor!
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It seems a bit soon but since you had been friends for a while before it doesn't seem too weird. Maybe he doesn't view it as such a huge step as you do but it's fine if you're not ready to say it.
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I'm in a similar situation I am dating this guy (we are just dating and stuff not boyfriend and girlfriend) I really like him but I don't want a boyfriend and I made it really clear in my opinion too its much drama than I'm willing to handle. Anyway we literally just met this fall then we hung out and like maybe the third time we chilled he said he loved me. I didn't say it back cause it's ridiculous to say after such a short time, but I thought ok maybe this guy really does feel strongly for me, but he is not even always nice to me. He is immature and gets mad if I can't chill or I don't do what he wants. Anyway he asks me all the time why I wouldn't say it and i tell him the truth which is that we had just met, I don't want to rush into a relationship, and I'm afraid to get hurt (all true btw) and he gets really put off by it. It's not a good situation. Sometimes he is really nice though and sweet it's mad weird!
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I have the same problem with my boyfriend. He told me he loved me and I just said he was so sweet and smiled but its only been a week and I don't want to say it back yet.
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Yowza. So fast.
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He just wants to get in your gully hile
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