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Is it normal that my cat acts this way whenever I do this?
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IIN that my cat lets out a disgusted grunt whenever I hug, pet, or kiss her.

And once she opened her mouth, when I was about to kiss her, and I swear it means she's about to throw up.
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I've been known to take a dump in the kitty litter
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we don't need a reason to hate someone.

just like you never accept some type
to become your friend.
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Some breeds are not as affectionate as others. This can further branch into each individual cat. If your cat doesn't like it, try not to do it so much.
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Does your cat like to play? If yes, try exchanging the cuddles with play.
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some cats don't like to be held or touched, it is normal

You could change this kind of behavior by feeding your cat more often and being the only one to feed it. That way whenever your cat needs food it comes to you and gets all playful and nice all of a sudden.
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