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Is it normal that my cat sometimes farts when I pick him up
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About 1 time out of 3 when I pick up my cat I'll start smelling that unmistakable scent of kitty toots. My mom says I'm squeezing them out but IDK.
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Comments (6)
I had the misfortune of picking up a fat staffy dog and it farted in my face. That event changed me. Forever.

*stares blankly into the distance where the clouds are gathering*
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Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not your fault.
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Put a target on the wall and then put a cork in kitty's butt hole and pick him up and squeeze him good!
10 points for a bull's eye.
You may as well have fun with it.
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Have him checked for worms and get him on a good diet. Cats don't normally fart too much and if he's farting a lot it might signal a problem.
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What are you guys feeding him?
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My fiancée and I had a cat that did that. We called it her self-defense mechanism.
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