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Is it normal that my clitoris is 1.5 inches long?
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So I never really thought much about it as a child, and I don't make a habit of looking at other girls naked, but recently it has come to my attention that my clitoris seems to be much larger than it should be? I know there's a lot of variation in guy's penis size, but is there similar variation in clitoris size? I'm beginning to feel rather self-conscious about it.
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Is it normal to measure clitori?
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@: liiaaa3
Lol, that's the first time I've seen this in the plural...
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Thats gotta be easy to accidentally rub o_O
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All sizes of everything regarding the human body are greatly variable. some girls have tiny clitori, others large. some girls have long lips, and others have short. some guys have a big penis, and some guys don't. It all varies.
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A lot of guys on here will be getting penis envy after reading this.
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Some guys may be judgemental. I personally would not. I would love it! You are different maybe but not abnormal. My fiance has one so tiny that it is barely there, but it still works and she is still a good person regardless.

People who are scared of uniqueness are douches, most guys who are real guys would be with you no matter the size of it. Even better would be that they realise we are all human beings. And each and every one of us is supposed to be different.
The whole notion of "Normal" shits me to tears.... Why would I want to be like every other dickhead out there? I am certain that I am totally capable of being my own kind of unique dickhead.
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I would consider yourself fortunate. No matter what bumbling idiot you have down there he'll always be able to find it. Some women in sure wish they were so lucky.
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If you are referring to THE GLANS CLITORIS, then it is not normal for THE GLANS CLITORIS to be that large. The average size of THE GLANS CLITORIS is about the size of a pearl. Unlike the penis, which is entirely outside the body, almost all of THE ENTIRE CLITORIS, known as the body of the clitoris (or the clitoral body), lies inside the body. When the female becomes aroused, THE ENTIRE CLITORIS becomes FULLY ERECT just like the penis does upon arousal except that unlike his erection, which is fully visible (YIKES!!!), her erection is not visible at all (except for THE GLANS CLITORIS). In fact, THE ENTIRE CLITORIS is so large that, believe it or not, when fully-erect, it actually rivals a fully-erect penis in size!!! Also, a fully-erect clitoral body, which surrounds the walls of the vagina, helps to stabilize the penis during intercourse (so that the penis doesn't "wobble all around"!!!). All of this is easily fact-checked and, of course, you should also check with your gynecologist for any kind of information about this important matter. Trust me. I am a guy who has plenty of firsthand experience with the clitoris, having been taught by one of my earlier girlfriends who taught me all I ever needed to know about perhaps my favorite area of the entire female anatomy: THE CLITORIS!!!
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