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Is it normal that my dad touched me and I liked it
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Okay' well it started when I was 13 I was really a very horny hormonal child. One day when I was sleeping my dad came in the room and woke me up. He said that my mother told him he needed to check my personal area. I said okay because I was groggy from lack of sleep. And I rolled over belly up and took off my pants. I then proceded to take off my underwear and my dad started rubbing me and asking if it felt good. I started to moan and he shoved his fingers inside me. We are from the country so we hear about this stuff all the time and it's considered normal. But then he started to climb on top of me and rub me all over. To this day and I'm now 34 I have theese flashbacks of this night. And I always end up smiling. So tell me is it normal. ?
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It had happened more than once' but that was the time I remember the most. Because it was the first time,....
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Wtf is with these unfriendly comments .. Anyway, your father shouldnt have done that but be happy it didnt scar you for life . Just, if u have kids, dont let it happen to them
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Yes it is quite normal. That is one way the perpetrator gets away with making the victim feel humiliated or as though the abuse was their fault because generally it does feel good for the child. It was probably your first sexual experience and so yopu did enjoy it.

But you should try to not think about it, because i have been through it and it messes your whole idea of family, relationships etc
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I think its normal that you felt pleasure since he didn't attack you and came off non threatening since he's your father you trust him. But what he did was really wrong a grown man should never want to be sexual with a 13 year old especially his own daughter. And I believe it has caused trauma and unhealthy feelings towards relationship,love, and how family should act. I think you should get some professional help to sort out your feelings.
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Why don't you deal with being an ignorant fucktard first?
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oh yeah mostly blue names
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Why on Earth would any of that be normal?
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That was rude. And im just looking for closure. ,......... I dont know how to deal with thee emotions i feel.
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@: shhhxjv
I know this was posted five years ago, but I'm responding anyway: Society, especially feminists, tells you to feel horrible and traumatised by this kind of thing. It teaches you to feel sad and victimised, even if you enjoyed it. Don't listen. If you enjoyed it, then it doesn't matter whether it's normal or not. Remember that you enjoyed it, and be glad that it didn't affect you negatively. It's not necessarily normal for a father to do what he did, but it is normal for a man to feel aroused by a female. The female just happened to be his daughter. You both enjoyed things, so be happy, and don't let anyone make you feel sad about it. You own your feelings - NOBODY ELSE. Not feminists, not society. Not anyone.
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Thank you daan.
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It only happened once? If it did I find that hard to believe..
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