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Is it normal that my dad touches me?
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Ok this I'd really disturbing and I really hate it and need lots of advice plz :( 
When I was 7 my dad would always hug me really tightly and touch my butt, I thought it was normal so I let him. Then one morning he was cooking breakfast and I came down stairs and he said come here give daddy a big hug so I ran over there and gave him a hug but as I remember he told me to touch his penis while he touched my butt. He told me that is how you give proper hugs and so I did. Tht night he came over to my bed and woke me up and said he was sad and needed a long hug! I was 7 so obviously I didn't kno about sex or anything I didn't know anything at all I was homeschooled and was an only child my mom works alot. So I put my hands onto his penis and touched it while he touched my butt. He started shaking a little bit and his penis got hard. I dint know what it was so I started laughing and saying what is that he would laugh and keep saying do u like that over an over while he shook harder. So I was pretty much giving him pleasure...then a couple days later he came into the bathroom when I was taking a shower and said tht wen I was born I was naked so it's ok tht every parent does it with their kids. So he got in the shower with me an. We started playing around like throwing water at each other and stuff the he turned me around so my back was facing him and he started putting his penis around my butt and started making noises I would think nothing off it and let him. He wud rub it all over my butt while the water leaked down itwas... Its really disturbing. A couple weeks later he took his penis out and told me to give him a massage and I was kinda scared but he took my hands and put it on his penis and started moving it in circles and say see it's not tht bad...tht night he was on the couch an he picked me up and put me on his penis. We pretty much had sex. Wen my mom got home I told her about our Fun adventures and she cried and screamed/I haven't seen my. Dad since, what do u think... :( now tht I'm older I relize how bad it was but I wil Never forget any of it.... :;(((
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Well that was disturbing to read. But it is NOT normal at all.
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That's very disturbing. I'm glad your mother put a stop to it and I'm glad you don't see him any more. Have you ever seen anyone about this?
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What to do all depends on how old you are now.

Each state is very specific about when the statue of limitations expires when it comes to child abuse / molestation.

If you're still a minor then you can still press charges.
Some states it will expire in your 18th year - other states however let you go 3 years past that.

I'd recommend looking up your local laws and... pressing charges
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That's really terrible for a Father to do to his daughter. The reaction you had to it was normal because you did not know better. So don't be ashamed of what you did.

What he did to you was definitely wrong and he could be thrown in jail if you tried hard enough.

Main point is, don't hate yourself for what he did to you because it was not your fault and there was really nothing you would have been able to do about it at the time even if you did know it was wrong.
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Im not surprised he left, cause he knew that he'd be facing jail time is he didn't. (or death if that would have made her snap)
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Omg!.. I'm glad u never saw him again that's some twisted shit.. He should be shot!!
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=( nooo
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How sad :(
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so sad that is sexual harrasment bye your parent ewww
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you fucking troll, if not a troll to damn bad
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um i think shes being true not trollin
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lol now im trolling i skipped half of it so yeah just read the other half lololololololol
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