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Is it normal that my dad won't admit when he's wrong?
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My dad is pretty wise about most things. He is in his late fifties and knows many things, if you know what I mean, But he always thinks he is right about everything. Even when he is clearly proven wrong with unmistakable evidence, he still will not admit that he was wrong or apologize. This bugs the shit out of me because it's like he doesn't give me any credibility. WTF. Is this normal?
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My mum does that too! :( it's perfectly normal ! Even teens do have times where they think they r always right. In this case- arrogant.

But our parents fore telling could be wrong!
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Or when they do something wrong or incorrectly they pretend or believe their own lie that it was done on purpose. I think its some kind of egotistical defense mechanism to preserve their shit ass superiority to all the rest of us inferior dumb asses. Theyre trapped in their own stubborn Plato cave.
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Well, I do love him. After all, he is my dad. It just annoys me sometimes that he can't admit his mistakes and apologize. In his mind, it's like he doesn't make mistakes...
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It's normal. My dad is exactly the same, actually it's his entire side of family. I can't argue with them at all. If they say the sky is green when it's indeed blue, well that means the sky is green...point blank period
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My dad is the same (he's 62 yrs old). I don't think it's a "normal" state of being though because it's more of a personality disorder. Just because overtly bad behaviour is common, it does not make it "normal".

You can't change them and you can't even shame them into submission. Too bad though because I would LOVE to make it happen.

The best you can do is ignore them, recognize they are arrogant (to yourself), and use them as an example of how NOT to behave. It helps if you can vent to someone who is also aware of your dad's shitty attitude/behaviour.

Hang in there.
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of course it is normal :D and he does not admit himself wrong because you is his son and he does not want to be told wrong by his son.
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Step mom does this.
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Unfortunately it is normal. A lot of people are like this and it causes lots of problems in the world.
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Thank you all for posting, your opinions really make me feel better.
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Do we have like, the same dad?
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My Dad will not admit or accept that he is the cause of many fights/arguments,treats both my Mom and I like we're inferior, he always says"what's the matter with you?" (example: I took a piece of wood in to show him asking what kind it is,he suggested going to Lowe's look at the stains.I went out to the shop for a few minutes to sand the wood on one side to remove the stain,took in a different piece of wood asking if it was redwood?,he apparently thought I was asking if it was used for cabinet doors and said something about the door piece,but I didn't ask if it was the same he screams some bs about disrespecting him). It's like heaven forbid he does/did anything to cause problems and puts it all on me,like it's my fault.He even said at times he would send me away,I would say"you would be coming with(if I'm going to an asylum,so is he(it takes one to know one/anyone that thinks another should be sent away,he/she is the one that should there too).
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@: dmja50
I'm sorry to hear that. Your dad doesn't sound very pleasant at all...

I don't know if it will comfort you any to know this, but I live on my own now, and my dad and I get along much better than we used to. We don't see each other too often any more either though. Anyway, just remember that it won't always be so bad. Keep your head up friend :)
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