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Is it normal that my dog rubs the towel i use
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Iin that my beagle wants to rub all over the towel i use to dry my hair
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Comments (8)
my dog does that because she like the wetness of it, its so funny because she like waits for it then when i put it down she rubs all over it
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Just don't let it hump it, you don't want a dampness of a different kind rubbed into your hair.
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You need to wash it. Towels and wash rags turn sour very quickly and it's the sour/dead smell that causes most to roll. Just toss it in the wash and it should be fine.
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my dog does that to my dads towel. the reason he does this us because he believes you are his 'alpha-male' and wants your scent on him.
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Lol whenever I wash my hair my dog will come up to me and rub herself against my head. It's really cute and funny x3
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That's dirrrrty. Gross.
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Dogs will rub themselves on something that doesn't smell like them. He is trying to get his scent on you. Mine does this all the time too...especially when I've just washed my hair. He does it when we wash his bed too....he rubs himself all over anything that no longer smells like him!
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i have dog towels
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