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Is it normal that my family masturbate together
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Once a week, usually a saturday, all my family go over to my uncles house. He is really rich and has a huge house with lots of rooms. One of these rooms is called 'The Room'. In this room all of my family members- from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent- strip nude and go into this room. In this room all my family masturbate together, as little or as much as we want, and then leave the room. While we are masturbating we can masturbate each other and french kiss each other. When we leave we stay naked and just go around the house for the rest of the day. During the day the men can ask anyone, boy or girl, for a blow job and the women can ask for their pussy to be licked.

is this normal for families to do
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i believe u
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Finally I can understand the proverb "Blood is thicker than water"!

My sensible guess would be that around 69 - 84 % of families do it. However, in some extremely religious and conservative cultures they do not stay naked for the rest of the day but it is the only difference.

Interestingly enough, this practice used to be even more popular in the past centuries when the family ties were stronger and some conservatives still refer to this by their appeal to "family values" in their speeches even in these days.
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Well, we have a similar ritual in our family except that is happens at our grandparents' which slightly affects the atmosphere. I mean, as the common wishdom tells us people of the old generation really know how to take care of their guests well! My grandmother usually spices it up by a stripshow and my grandfather makes creampies for all of us. Try to do that at your grandparents' next time. Fun guaranteed!
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@: Naamah
Your post left some kind of sweet nostalgic feelings in my heart. Brings back memories... Grandfather´s creampies were legendary back in those days.

It is such a shame that people are so forgetful about family traditions these days. No wonder that generation gap has become such a big problem.
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Yes, I agree with you. The world is so corrupt these days. There is nothing like traditional family values!
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Nice fantasy you've got there...
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I love to be in ur family totally, wish my family do sumthing like dat
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