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Is it normal that my gay friend cuddles with me
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My guy friend is gay, and he's always cuddling with me like we're a couple, and I can't help but think that he's attracted to me, even though I know he's gay. Is it normal for gay guys to cuddle with their friends who are girls?
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It's probably the most normal thing ever, some and probably most gay people like to cuddle girls.

Think of it like this, they're just another friend giving a friendly hug.

I mean, who doesn't like hugs! :3
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He loves you--as a friend. Seems normal to me.
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Aww, I think it's fine. My gay friends do it with me, and I'm a man. MissSorel has it right. Hugs are good.
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Only if ur a man. U must b a man. U manly woman u.
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I do it with my besties. It's how I show I love them and protect them when they feel down. As long as he is not leading you on and making you fall for him. That I do not agree with.
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