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Is it normal that my girlfriend beat me in kickboxing?
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Ok so the story is I have been with this girl for nearly 3 years. She's always been pretty petite... maybe 5'5 and 125-130 lbs. She's always been pretty girlie girl (in general), so when she told me year and 1/2 ago that she's doing kickboxing I just figured it was her way of staying in shape etc and in fact used to tease her... because the thought of her kicking butt was a bit amusing to be honest. Now maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss her prowess because while she started off in some "cardio kickboxing" class, for the last year shes stepped into the more advanced class and now practices on bags and engages in lighter contact sparring matches.

Recently she made a joke about being able to "beat me up now." Well i dont know anything about kickboxing but im average guy (no weakling) of 5'10 and 190 lbs, so I pretty much laughed in her face. After a heated debate on skill vs strength we decided to find out in a sparring match.

I have to admit once I had the gloves on I found it hard to punch too hard or fast when its your girlfriend. Next thing I knew she was getting me left and right. Clearly getting the better of it, she stopped and asked if I was alright and if we should stop.

Well her merciful gesture just got me admittedly more stubborn and I said no. So we started again. One minute later and punch-kick-punch-punch-kick and I was on my butt seeing stars and she immediately called the match to a conclusion.

The ride home was a bit quiet and she had a smirk on her face the rest of the day/evening.... Eh... it's been a few days and my ego is healing and she hasn't broken up with me (I guess those are good signs). But I can't believe that it's normal for a girl to win in kickboxing sparring vs a guy (even if he is a bit tentative!)??????
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You did the right thing, it would have been horrible for you if you beat her up.
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this is what you shud do. go for lessons secretly, or watch youtube and old bruce lee movies..then kick her ass!
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Hahaha!, I had the same problem, but with my sister. She practices Taekwondo, and she kicked the shit out of me...

Skill vs strength is a carefully balanced equation, of course they are not gonna beat Mike Tyson no matter how skillful they are, but a regular guy, they can definitely do it!...
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Oh relax - she's taken marshall arts. You haven't. Choices: be a dink; or be a man. Your post tells me you are the later. A man. She likes you? Loves you? Its not about marshal arts ... its about you climbing from the shitty self entitled male BS. Just be yourself. Thats why she digs you.
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You should be glad: she could've roundhouse'd your balls off.
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I dated this girl who took KB (and a super athlete, I think she was like a belt away from black too) and I'll tell you what she had some temper. I took some pretty bad kick and punches but there's no way should could win. A punch, kick, and I'll knock your ass down. But needless to say it didn't feel good getting kicked. You got into a rock and a hard place. Let your girl kick your ass or look like a woman beater. Because you must of held back.
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Get a woman pissed off enough, and they can take down an army. They build up enough rage and it seems to never end...of course this happens when you kick a guy in the testicles too
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My girlfriend beat me in a boxing match and it led to the best sex we have ever had. In this day and age sexual dominance is not a given. Sometimes girls are better on top.
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Youre pride is too high for you to understand just because shes a girl she can beat you in fighting? i take kickboxing classes and im a girl, im pretty sure i could beat alot of strong guys out there. skill is more then speed, speed is more than strength. so youre prety much at the bottom of the fight chain.
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