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Is it normal that my girlfriend can lift and carry me?
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I'm 5'7(1,69) and 147 lbs (67kg) and she is 5'7 and almost 128 lbs (58kg)!!!
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Comments (7)
Me and my lady both 6'. We can carry each other. So why the hell not?
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That is so adorable. My boyfriend piggyback me a lot. I wish I can do the same to him.
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Girls can be strong too ya know. I am. Grrr.
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i could lift you too, i'm about the size of your gf but 1 inch taller, anyway i think that's kind of cute =p
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@: Shrunk
so maybe the reason is im not much heavy :))
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lol she must be buff
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@: TT22
no she is not at all...average :)
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