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Is it normal that my girlfriend likes to lick my ass?
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It started out when I got drunk and passed out at my girlfriend's house. I was half alseep when she took my pants down. In my drunk stupor I thought she was going to blow me. All of a sudden, she turned me over on my stomach and licked my crack. It felt cool, but weird. Then, I couldn't believe it: she spread my cheeks apart and put her tongue down there. Wow! I was so shocked, I didn't know what to do. She kept licking me and tongueing me. I was glad I showered earlier. She then stuck her finger in me and played with my balls. As soon as her hand touched my prick, I exploded. Since then, she has done this to me on several occasions. She always comments about me having a "cute ass." It's weird, but sexy at the same time.
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This, personally, turns me on in my relationship too. I'm a guy, most guys say it's normal.

Have fun bro
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you lucky bastard, i want my girl to do this to me!
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Normal? Lucky is more like it. My girl will finger my ass sometimes if she's jerking me off or something, but i can not get her do lick it. God I wish she would.
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It does not taste bad. I am a girl and I don't mind licking my boyfriends ass as long as he showers first.
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Well its defenitly different, but if u both enjoy it then why not ^^
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lol...its normal
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