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Is it normal that my girlfriend won't give me a BJ
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I'm 18 and my girlfriend is 17. We've been together for a year now and she just won't touch my dick. I've probably fingered her/eaten her out a hundred times by now and we started that about 3 months after we started going out.

However, she never lets herself orgasm. I've only given her a few orgasms because she normally abrubtly stops everything and thats the end of it.

She gave me ONE "bj" but it only lasted a minute or two before she just stopped and left me hard and unsatisfied. She's also done that a few times with a mini-handjob under my shorts but it never lasts more than a minute.

I've confronted her many times about it but she insists there is no reason she doesn't want to give me a blowjob or a handjob. She insists that there is absolutely no reason she just doesn't want to.

We love eachother and she says she wants to have sex with me, but I donr't understand why she won't actually touch my dick or finish anything.

I also have a small fear that she'll just stop our sex randomly like everything else.

We have a good relationship and we love eachother. I would never make her do something she didn't want to do and we talk about these things...it's just like for some reason she has no answers for me about this.
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Dump her man my gf sucks mine anytime anywhere
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obviously you are an sex addict
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How is your hygiene? Could be a factor.
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Kick her ass out dude. That's just plain fuckin unfair.
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@: Enizzle
What's unfair? Her being respectful for her body!
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put a pizza on your dick
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I think it's normal, because in Georgia(Europe), girls don't even FrenchKiss their BF-s, nothing about Blowjob, sex, or fingering.

Dude, Just wait, maybe it's too early for her to give you a blowjob

* In Georgia girl can barely marry if she isn't a virgin (That sucks, doesn't it?) *
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Why not just bang her? anyway if you can get her to 69 she'd have to suck you off. or maybe she's just afraid of jizz?
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do you show her that you are enjoying it? i went out with a guy a long time ago who didnt show any interest when i was going down on him so i wouldnt do it because ..... well i was bored when i did it. why dont you try a 69r or masturbate each other at the same time and show her that you like it.
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Do you do stuff for her? Or just expect everything in one package? Be thankful for what she does! Sex ain't everything.
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Sorry for the situation. But, not all women are the same. Some women find touching private parts with your mouth is gross. But before going all pressuring 1-o-1 with this, here are some things to consider:

. Stop looking at it like a "chore" or "job" or "expectation". If you look at it as a chore, than your girlfriend will feel like a child and will do It because you want her to, not because she wants herself too. Be grateful for what she does for you.

. Do the same for her, give her oral sex and see if she likes it. Than, see if she does the same for you. Don't expect what you can't give.

. Realize that not all women like oral sex. Some think it is gross and despise it. Respect that. Maybe ask her why she feels that way.


Hopefully this helps, if that didn't help, than there is something wrong with the relationship that needs to be worked out. If she doesn't do it, than she dosen't do it. You can't change somebody.
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Dude, dump her. She's worthless. If your girlfriend doesn't follow your demands = No reason to stay.
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Are you stinky?
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She hasn't blown me yet either but she will and so will you, likely!
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Suck her off, she will love it.
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be a man, confront her, tell her you have to move on to bj's now and that youre worried that youll get bored if she doesnt! my gf would give me one and i said this and she understood!
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