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Is it Normal that my husband loves to drink my breast milk?
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My husband has always loved my breasts, he can't get enough of them. I became pregnant last year, and at the first sign of milk in my breast my husband drank it during sex/foreplay. After delivering our child in December, he continues to LOVE to drink my breast milk, he just sucks it right out of my breast. Is it normal that my husband loves to drink my breast milk?
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You have two kids.
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Some men are really into that stuff.. I guess what really matters is if you enjoy him doing that.
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I'm guessing he loves to cleanse his anus with it too huh?
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let him enjoy them. he have a fetish for breast milk i guess.
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If you are happy for him to do this then I cannot see its a problem. The image of someone sucking on lactating breasts is quite a turn on.
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