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Is it normal that my jaw squeaks
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My jaw squeaks every time i chew and its annoying is it normal?
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Comments (8)
It means your jaw is out of place. Go see a chiropractor.
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My jaw does too, its called TMJ, if you dint get a special retainer you have to get your jaw broken to realign it. It will become very painful... Go get it checked out
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It could be tmj (temporo-mandibular joint) syndrome, which is basically an inflammation of the joint, caused by bad jaw positioning. One likely cause is the position of your teeth, which forces you to bite in a certain way that puts a lot of stress on one or both joints. In this case, the treatment is either surgery or seeing an orthodontist for braces. I've had the exact problem, only a bit worse. If you don't do anything about it it will get worse in time.
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That's kind of cool. Don't go to a chiropractor...I want to hear you first.
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what a chiropractor works on backs not jaws go see a real doctor
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Mine does that too after I chew gum for long periods of time!
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Yh tmj, I have that.. Except my jaw clicks, not squeaks. My dad who is a dentist (and sees this case a lot) recommended that I reduced mouthful size and tried to minimise my yawning, as well as do very gentle jaw movement excersise (not
Extreme movements though)
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Totally normal mine does it sometimes
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