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Is it normal that my mom won't let me be a furry?
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I was in my room, on the internet (I have a DSI) and this article on wikifur caught my eye (not litterally), it was about furries and it explained what a furry was,what it meant to be one, etc. and it made me think i was meant to join the furry fandom ( I already have an intrest in anthro animals and that's a start!).
About 4 weeks later, someone on a commercial sounded like they said I was meant to be a furry, so I ran to my moms bedroom and asked my mom if I could be a furry (this is where the drama happens) and she responded with "No, furries are weird."(No offense furries, I don't think you're weird at all). So me and mom went into the livingroom and nanny and my aunt were at work so we didn't have to worry about them joining in, so I told mom a story and that didn't work, I tried soap boxing on my salinas yearbook but that did'nt worrk either. Mom called her friend and we told her all about it and she used her special way of persuading people and it worked, but she said let me occasionally wear pale pink fox ears and tail like nekomimi (catgirl) style and mom won.
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man.... these stories lately have been really breaking my poor lil shuggy brain
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nekomimi isn't the type of girl though, nekomimi literally tanslates into "cat ears" and is a matter of wearing animal styled items on a human body. If you feel like ou are an anthro animal trapped in a human, yes you are a furry. Most furries I know dress up in full body costumes and engage in furry sex with any other furry at a convention. However most people wearing animal parts on/in them aren't full blown furries.

Besides, why don't you wait until you are old enough to move out, and then do what you want?
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she literally cant fucking stop you. i mean really, its on the inside
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