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Is it normal that my nurse jerked me off!?!?!?
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Yestreday I went to my usual check up that I have every now and then and at the clinic I go to there is a nurse there that I have a crush on and I think she knows this and she always kinda flirts with me in a teasing sorta way but yesterday after my full check up was done and after the doctor was gone the nurse told me that she was going to do a mandatory extended check up and she told me to take off my clothes and she started looking down there a lot and eventually started to touch my penis and of course certain things happened and she started to stroke it and as she kept on doing so until I reached my climax and once I did she just cleaned her hands gave me some tissue and said good job and left. This deffenitley wasn't nornal right!?!?!?
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No, deffenitley not. And I'd be surprised if this story isn't fake.
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Too bad you woke up. Nice dream.
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Definitely is spelled this way as in....

This story is DEFINITELY not true.
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you are very lucky if this is true
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She could lose her job and license so I don't believe you
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Its not normal.
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Wet dream.... Can seem so real enjoy
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