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Is it normal that my one hand is much colder than the other?
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Just as the title states...

IIN to have my right hand MUCH colder (more so in the winter) than my left?

Is it a blood pressure problem? Does anyone else experience this??
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Comments (14)
How could it possibly be heart damage?! Haha. Now I'm deathly nervous lol.
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do you masturbate with your left hand? try swapping hands once in a while and see if that helps.
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Damn does anybody know anything here? lol allright, it's blood circulation related. Everything on your heart's side will have better circulation. Maybe if your fat you should lose some weight and i think you should do a bit cardio. It shouldn't be anything bad but you shouldnt maybe do more exercise. Ps: if your older, like 30 + it could be something to take care of.
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@: emilio
I am going to second emilio and that is has to do with circulation. Something might be blocking the blood to one arm/hand. You should probobly go to the doctor and get that checked out. Bad circulation can lead to things like heart attack and other serious complications. It might also be a sign of diabetes. I dont know a lot about this subject though.
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I have one foot that's like that. It's from nerve damage though. Sounds strange. Is it your dominant hand? If it is, maybe it gets more exposure while the other hand may be tucked in your pocket. If it worries you have it checked out. It could be a problem with your circulation.
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When it's cold my fingers and toes are always cold too.
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May be its just ur cellphone hand getting warmer? Do u own a smartphone?:)
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@ Stealinsugars:

My right hand IS, yes. But I'm saying that more so during colder weather, I experience it a lot, even when both hands are out in the open!

@ yomomaisahoe:

No, lol...I don't own a smartphone.
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Thanks for at least a decent response. No, I'm not over 30 and no I am no where near fat. You're right; most likely circulation problems.
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That happened to me when I was a kid, but on my left side were my heart is.
This is probably not the reason for why it happens to you but....
...So anyway, I know this might sound wierd but when I was a Kid I saw spirits and every time before I saw one my hand got cold as in sticking your hand in a bucket of ice for like 5 min, and some times it would shake a little ,not from the cold by it self, And the weirdes thing is that mostly it happend at school beacuse a girl died once because she got hit by a truk and died there she actually went to my school, so anyway it when away when I hit 15. So that might not be your situation.
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its most likely to do with the fact that most people only ever use one arm for e.g. masturbation or writing or other things.. this increases the circulation in that particular arm thefore increasing the heat coming from it
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There could be an issue with your blood flow. Have you seen a doctor?
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Yeah i think its from not moving it much mine do the same thing.
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You probably were jerking off with that hand so it is warmer or if you are a girl you had it up your snatch. Warm up there isn't it?
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