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Is it normal that my sister has these feelings?
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I have two questions dealing with my little sis...

My little sister is a Freshman in highschool and she would rather come to me instead of my mom on certain things and ask if it was ok or if she needed my opinion etc. Here are the two things that have concerned me.

1. This one isn't to bad. She has always wanted a brother who was a year or two older than here. She is a huge tomboy and when I asked her why she wanted a older brother she said ''I want someone who I can wrestle around with and mess with but would also stick up for me.'' When I asked her why not a sister that would do those things she said it would be weird. IIN for her to want a older bro?

2. This one I had alittle trouble getting out of her but she finally told me. She came home one day and said she needed to talk to me. When I asked her what was wrong she said that ever since she has been in highschool she has noticed some cute seniors, or atleast that is how she put it. She told me she would like to make out or kiss a couple of the seniors but not go any further. I just find that weird and unusual but I didn't know if it was or not and I really didn't know how to respond to her telling me that.

Should I be concerned or IIN?
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I wouldn't worry, I can understand her wanting someone tough by her side
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sounds to me like she's longing for some male companionship, which is normal but can also be dangerous. This may be too much for you to handle on your own. I think you, Sis and a parental unit should sit down and discuss her feelings together. Get a parent involved.
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It's normal she would want a brother. Its also normal she has those thoughts, but teach her self respect and instill some morals in her so as to discourage her from actually acting on those thoughts.
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@: wise
yeap agree
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I think it's normal to want an older brother and to be attracted o older guys. No problem. Don't worry just listen to her and offer your advice
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Normal as dude.
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I don't see a problem. She has her own thoughts like everyone else.
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It is not weird on her part. Though if the seniors were interested it would look very bad. A 10 year old can have a crush on his 18 year old babysitter. Which is normal for the 10 year old but bad if the 18 year old encourages it.
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