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Is it normal that my uncle wants to have sex with me?
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My uncle has always wanted to have sex with me for some starnge reson, even when I was a little girl. Now he is always asking do you wanna have sex, always emailing me do you wanna have sex ,always texting me do you wanna have sex, and sometimes he calls me (witch is VERY werid) do you wanna have sex etc, and now I'm scared to even go to my grandmas house, even to be int the same house with him!!!! So I'm asking all of you people out there with my whole entire heart..... is that normal?
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Comments (12)
Lol "thats rape" asking someone if they wanna sex with you is not a rape
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Dude that's rape he's a pervert tell your mom and you said even when I was a little girl
That child malestation what do you say to him back have you told anybody

P.s yer uncs perverted
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hell no! you have to tell someone that can help you.
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call the police
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Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's nasty.....u should tell someone about that!
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no that's not normal..he's your uncle. you need to tell your parents about this, and stay away from him.
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Tell your parents and your grandmother. The man needs psychological help. Do not be ashamed because you did nothing wrong and this is not your fault.
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Cut his: hand, penus and tongue.
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That Is obviously not normal do yourself a favor and stay away from him at all cost he needs some serious help :/
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how can u have waited this long to wonder if its normal!! of course its not show ur family the texts and emails and get the police on him for child abuse!!!!!!
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Here's my (very violent) advice: chop his dick n balls off, then gouge out his eyes. For good measure, use a power saw to chop off his dominant hand. Or, y'know, just stab him/mace his ass, and call the popo...
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Poor guy just needs pussy. Give it to him!
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