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Is it normal that my wife wants me to take her lil sis virginity?
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My wife wants me to take her little sisters virginity so that she is with someone who she can trust and will be gentle and caring with her. i am 22 my wife is 19. and her sis is 16. she talked about it being a regular thing till she finds someone. or maybe even a 3some. is any of this normal? thanks
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You'll enjoy it. Your wife will enjoy it and her sister will enjoy it. So just do it.
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Of course it isn't normal or you would have heard far more stories of the same thing, but I think what you want to know is if it's the right thing to do. Unfortunately, I can't really tell you that; it's something you have to decide for yourself, but I will give this advice.

Talk to your wife and her sister about this and find out what both of them *really* think about the idea first. Then make sure that you are all prepared for any sort of problems that could arise if you go through with it (like pregnancy, feelings of envy or rivalry, etc) and then sit down and think long and hard and make the decision for yourself. And if you are the religious type, pray about it, because ultimately only you and your god are the only opinions that matter in right and wrong.
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Are you guys Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka?
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Don't do it. I hate to say it but your wife sounds like a total pervert...
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Let us know how it was, but you really should insist your wife helps you to do her as she is so concerned that your gentle sounds to good to be true
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If you say no you gay bro

Unless the sister looks awful
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it realy depends on you right ? what diference does it make what she wants, or what people on INN think.
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I agree with Joe above. They were sick as hell, and fucked up bad. Letting their lust get the best of them. And unfortunately y'all are doing the same! Quit!
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hey thanks fr the comment, i love you situation its sooo hott and so are you lol, btw i have done it and it was amazing i loved cumming so deep in her virgin hole filling her full :). thanks
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take her virginity
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I think it is a beautiful proposition. You have an awesome wife who cares for her (whole) family. Sex is very healing. I believe it will strengthen an already strong bond with you & your wife and also help build a bond between your wife and her sister.
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I agree how yummy. I need to find me an incest wife and nasty girls hit me up 520 940 2658
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Better to do ONLY if your wife's sister asks you in front of your wife. That way you can guage her sister's sincerity in asking and your wife's response to the question. If this is all coming from your wife and not her sister then that is a mega problem. Be careful, could be a trap.
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Don't do it! Think about it, if you did go along with it, how could you ever possibly be comfortable around your sister-in-law at family reunions, birthday parties, holidays, etc. At the end, it may just cause problems and jealously between your wife and her sister.
What the heck is your wife thinking?
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