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Is it normal That some days I feel really tired?
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Is it normal that on some days I wake up and I can barely even get out of bed. My whole body doesn't want to cooperate. I can barely stumble over to the bathroom, get on my clothes, and make it into work. The whole day I feel like I'm stuck in a haze. My eyes get really watery if I try to exert myself and have large dark circles around them.

On the really bad days when I get home I immediately collapse into bed and start having these weird dreams. In the dreams my body feels paralyzed and I have trouble breathing and staying conscious. In one dream I remember I was driving my car and I was scared I was going to crash it because so much of my energy had to be focused on keeping my eyes open and breathing. When I wake up my whole body feels weird, kind of limp, I don't know how else to describe it. And the dreams feel more real than normal. Like when I wake up I'm a little startled that what just happened could have been just a dream. This has happened maybe six or seven times, with the same kind of dreams and all.

On the good days I feel perfectly fine and have lots of energy. This is maybe twice a week if I'm lucky.

I get about six hours of sleep a night (12-6am, +/- 30 minutes). On the good days I'm getting the same amount of sleep as the bad days though so I don't think it's just a problem with the hours.

I think it might have something to do with after I work out, but I don't know. I run four or so times a week and I have been for a long time. This has been going on for a long time, so I would think my body would have gotten strong enough by now though so that I'd be okay with it.
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Running probably has no effect on it, if anything it may improve your bodies health. Although you think differently, I suggest you try going to bed at earlier times in attempt to get more sleep, 6 hours is not enough. The paralyzed body thing is just the lack of blood flow in the body after sleeping, sometimes you awake before your body can return to its normal state. I sometimes experience the whole dream being real thing too, during the times I have fallen asleep unintentionally. One time I even had a dream about trying not to fall asleep! I fear you may be experiencing Sleep deprivation, and I urge you to try and get more sleep, or at least get medical help if it becomes worse.
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I think you should see your doctor. Usually when you're dreaming about not breathing properly, something in real life is stopping your body from breathing well.
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Could be something in your mind. I feel sometimes like I'm not really awake, like I'm just going through the motions. It feels so terrible and it is actually scary, but the next day I feel perfectly fine. I don't have those dreams though. In fact, I haven't remembered any of my dreams in like 5 months. Sorry I know this isn't about me. See a doctor if it bothers you and it starts to affect you a lot.
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