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Is it normal that sports makes me want to kill myself?
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I am an athlete. Well, that is what others consider me. In truth, I despise sports more than anything on earth. They make me more depressed than my parents divorcing, then my grandparents dying, and when I had to move across the country. I am really good at sports, I always make the A team and have set multiple track records at my high school. I really don't want to keep playing, but my coaches and parents make me. I haven't got more than 4 hours of sleep in months because the only free time I have to play video games or relax is during the early hours of the night. And just so none of you go questioning yourself, yes, I am medically depressed. I am on anti depressants but those don't really do all that much.
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Unless they're forcing you at the point of a gun, how can they "make" you play sports?

Either learn to say no or play so badly you'll have a reason to drop sports. Doing something you don't want to do and being sleep deprived won't help your depression no matter how many pills you take for it
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@: Ellenna
"I went through 9 months of vomiting and discomfort, and then 18 hours of hellish labour to give birth to you. Then I slaved day and night for years changing nappies, getting up to feed you every 4 hours, and sitting beside you when you were sick. And your poor father, he has worked his fingers to the bone year in and year out in his shitty job just to give you a decent start in life. The absolute least you could do is try a little harder to get that sports scholarship so we don't have to mortgage the house to get you a degree!"

Not all forcing is at gunpoint...
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Do you realize you didn't make a connection between not wanting to do it and wanting to kill yourself. I don't like brussel sprouts but I will either eat them or not but killing myself is never 1 of the answers.

For me it depends alot on the sport. I don't like team sports very much I prefer individual competition but I can play team sports and not hate it. What I can't do is watch it on TV that makes me very uncomfortable and distracted like I need to really be doing something not just sitting there.

I have been considering joining a softball league I think that might be fun. I thought about baseball but I don't know if it would be possible becos men get kinda weirded out when a girl wants to play there game. I've never quite understood that are they afraid the girl will be better? Or is it a invasion of there special manspace? What is the deal with that?
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Dude, sounds like you've just gotten to the age where you so totally need to get laid. At your age that should fix everything.
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break a leg?
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Just drop out of sports. Stop showing up to practice, don't try your best at sports
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I hope things get better for you
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