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Is it normal that watching someone desperate to pee turns me on?
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I really like to watch people desperate to pee and wetting themselves, but I do NOT like the typical pee fetish stuff. I also like people getting desperate and then wetting themselves into a diaper, and then being changed, but I am NOT an ABDL. I also like to experience with this stuff by myself but I wouldn't really enjoy it with a lover. Maybe with a partner whom I didn't know very well, but I would be too embarrassed with a boyfriend. Nobody I know knows about this and I don't want them to know. How do I get more familiar with this newfound fetish without letting it mix with the rest of my life, and above all, is this normal?!
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It's better if you find a lover/boyfriend that enjoys this fetish as well. Makes it that much more fun and not embarassing
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well ill tell ya,,,,hold on i really gotta piss
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wow 93% Normal, cool. How do you know you wouldnt enjoy it with a partner. wouldn't it be fun to have him watch you pee yourself?
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It's a common fetish. Don't sweat it. I'm the same way
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Yes. It gets me going too. I wish I had a girl friend who understands this and has a feeling for it. They seem to exist only in the internet...
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Me too
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The only part that is not normal is not wanting do it with a partner, I don't know why you feel that way.
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It is very normal, honestly don't worry just enjoy it! It is SO much fun and not hurting anyone :)
Do you like wetting yourself much?
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I wet my pants in secret too, I also like diapers. Youre not alone. I like girls to make me wet myself more than seeing a girl wet herself, but its all fun though LOL
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