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Is it normal that Xanax makes me sleepy?
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IIN that Xanax make me sleepy, rather than people claimed that makes them calm and collect? How do I NOT get sleepy when I take Xanax?
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Rats pop star
Drowsy sword
Madam, I'm Adam
No lemons, no melon
A dog, a panic in a pagoda
Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Go hang a salami, Bob. I'm a lasagna hog.

I love palindromes!
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Caffine, lower doaage
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Xanax is a sedative, if you're taking too much it will definitely make you sleepy. I say just take less.
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If it's prescribed by a doc, talk to them and see what they say, because messing about with dosages isn't a good idea without consultation.
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Assuming you are taking it for anxiety, lowering your dose isn't going to hurt you. Infact alprazolam is used "as needed" rather than say every 8 hours (though it may read every 8 hours as needed). Another reason to take less is because it is pretty addictive stuff. We have people that run out of refills throw fits about needing it.
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Switch meds. There are other medicatipns related to Xanax that wont make you sleepy but will do the trick of relaxing you. I take Ativan on occasion and I'm relaxed but never sleepy. Works for me
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Take all of them and pet a cat, your life will never be the same.
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It helps me sleep at night too and when I am anxious and about to have a panic attack and take it it makes me sleepy, but I think that is from the anxiousness giving me the energy extreme to a low.
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Let me fix a bit there: " is often used" rather than "IS used" on the as needed. Also reducing your dose is ok, but i'm not saying to stop it cold turkey, especially if you depend on a high dose.
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It's a central nervous system depressant. Somnalence us a side effect. Work with the dosage and other meds.
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Simple. Don't take it! But don't stop taking it until you chat w your doc about it. Stopping cold turkey WILL send you into seizures within a few days
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Xanax does not get you calm and collected! Your friends and drug dealers and peers are lying. It's just yo get you to buy the drug. Same with every other drug, like heroin, crack, marijuana, cocain, etc.
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since it is an anti-anxiety pill it will relax your body and take your mind off of any worries, which is why it does make a lot of people pass out when they take too much or drink with it. your body will become dependent on it very rapidly, as it is highly addictive. you must lower your dosage if you are trying to quit or else your stress levels will be much worse than ever.
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