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Is it normal that you're 19yr old guy who had never talked to a girl b
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It's obvious from the title,please comment if you want
P.S:I'm a straight Guy
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What's a girl b?
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Give a little more detail dude. For instance, never talked to a girl in a normal social setting, or as in you can't "talk" to girls. Help us help you out.
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Even shy and introverted people do talk to girls although they may not exactly the kind with a different girl every weekend.

Girls are really not that bad, there's nothing wrong with talking to them. What's the worst that can happen? They're not going to take a gun and shoot you or anything, right? If you're that scared, next time round try a little bit of alcohol and let's see if that frees up your inhibitions a little bit. Do you have a sister? You must have a mother at the very least, come on. I'm sure they can help out.

Really, girls don't bite...
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I agree with brokestatusmk2 it would help to have abit more information on your situation. Just remeber that girls or women are people the same as you. There is no need to be nervous talking to them.
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you have to put yourself out there dude, whether you think theyre gona like you or not, this is how i see it, put yourself in this situation, a girl comes up to you shes maybe not that cute, you dont like her but she came up to you to try to talk, are you goin to insult her and be an ass to her just because your not attracted to her?? I wouldnt, i doubt you would. think of interesting things to talk to girls about and go out there and meet some girls. dnt fear! everyone has feared b4, but the price that comes after you overcome your fear is very delighting
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a girl wnt be an ass to you either if you approach her right. trust me bro
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I'm interested,but I'm really shy,you can't imagine how introvert I am
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Never talked to a girl. Yikes.

Baby steps man. Talk to women in a friend environment. Don't go and start flirting with women you're attracted to unless you're comfortable in a casual situation first.

Learn to pick up on signals too. If you're having real trouble tell your friends that you want a girlfriend and the info that you're looking for someone might spread. If it gets really bad online dating.

I'm introverted and shy too. I know it sucks.
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