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Is it normal to absolutely despise the media?
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I absolutely hate the media because all they do is fill people's minds with garbage, such as vampires and werewolves like twilight for example, or inform people with false information without any specific details, the news does this all the time, and when they aren't doing that they distract people with silly, petty none-sense that really doesn't matter such as tranny bathrooms, and let's not forget how much they LOOOOVE telling people who to vote for, like Hillary Clinton for example, like really? You can barely find anything that's both entertaining and educational both at once, probably the most educational form of entertainment would be sesame street or freakin barney, but everything else is either glorifying witchcraft or providing people with petty, or false, information that will not help them in the real world, why is the media like this? it really pisses me off I think i'd rather spend my time playing video games than watch the media
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no the hell
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yes it is. their job is to report the news, but they of course have been purchased to spew whatever bullshit their donors want them to say.
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