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Is it normal to act/feel different around different people?
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How come i feel like a different person around different people? Whether its family or friends, I tend to feel like one person and when i am with another person or crowd i feel like another? Its kind of annoying because then you cant be who you are around them and show your true colors. I have always had a problem being myself around people but the older i got the more comfortable i felt being myself around a certain group of people but i still cant function as me around EVERYONE. I know people who can and i admire them even if they are the most annoying people on earth i still admire they wont let anything get in the way of them being them. It sucks because you can be so happy and comfortable being yourself and they like you or at least you feel like they like you and another crowd wont see that side of you. I feel like bringing it out but then i think no im not with the right people so ill stay quiet. But i don't want to! I don't want to be known as this shy person who wont do certain things just because they're shy or whatever. Im not that shy. When im me im me and sometimes that's not good lol but still. I know some people who need support or that push, i think im one of them for sure but i dont know if its normal or even healthy to feel that way, feeling like one person around them and then another around them. Hmmm..does anyone else feel this way or does anyone have some sort of advice?
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"Is it normal to act/feel different around different people?"

Yes it is. But believe you are better it is not (not that you are doing it, just a suggestion).

But, some people are more different than others, just be what you want to be while respecting other people life styles.
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I'm the exact same way! I USED to be quiet around everyone. Then I met someone who made me different around just my friends, but I still feel I need to be quiet around my family. I know people who are the same all the time and I always wish I were too. I get a bit more confident as I grow older, but I still feel annoyed that I have to be different around certain people. I'm all for being yourself and honesty, but I feel I'm betraying myself when I do this. So I hear ya man, but I dunno what to do, learn to express your feelings everywhere I guess.
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Yess, In my case it is like there is a certain percentage of myself I 'reveal' to certain people. So the more comfortable I am around someone or a group, the more of me I reveal, other times I am just quiet when I feel cuncomforatbale, but yes it is normal.

I know people who completly chnage their personalities so they match a certain group, which I find annoying.
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Around some people I act more conservative and around others I act more wild. Only my closest friends know my true medium. It all depends on the situation and the crowd. It's fun to let loose and be the crazy girl for a night. It's also nice to have people around who really do think you're this innocent angel. I look at it lime this: I have many sides to my personality and different people bring out different sides. There is nothig wrong about it. Just don't lie and be natural. Do and say things because you want to and not because you think it's expected; unless you're at work.
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Back in the earliest stages of human evolution, we had to fit in with the tribe or we wouldn't be strong enough to hunt alone, and we'd die. That little piece of psychology is mostly why people these days feel like their life is over if they don't act the way they're 'supposed to', aka the same way as everyone else.

It's normal, but it shouldn't be. I mean, you should change a little around other people, just because of the effect they have on your mood... but do try to be more of yourself.
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jackpot! ~ anon146
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