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Is it normal to Always Have a Song Playing in Your Head?
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I always have a song of some kind in my head playing in the background. It randomly started when I was 7 and hasn't stopped since. It's not necessairily a bad thing in my book, I just want to know how common this is.
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Lately mine has been 'Set Fire To The Rain' by Adele (:
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@: liiaaa3
Me too :) absolutely love that song....and adele
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Normal. I get that all the time. If someone says a phrase that's in a song and I make the connection, that song will be stuck in my head for hours or even days.

Or if it's a song I really like, I'll hum the tune over and over and over. Once or twice it's been so bad that it actually starts to annoy people. :)
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I always have a song in my head too. Sometimes I'll even sing the same song for hours or even days. Good to know I'm not the only weird one. :)
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pumped up kiks. 4 me
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I've always wanted to come up with an invention to where you can plug your iPod into your head, and play the music thru your brain. Have a plug on the side of your head, and just stick the iPod in and press 'Play'.
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I always have a song in my head. Even songs I don't like. Right now I have O'Ryan song in my head.
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It is normal well at least for me. Some times I like it because it makes it easy to zone out but other times like when I'm trying to take a test and it won't stop I hate it. It is mostly classical music which is odd I hardly listen to it but sometimes it current songs and my dad i the same way
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i can play songs in my head when i want to
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i used to huff paint, i always had a song on my had then
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