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Is it normal to ask a girl out while she's working?
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Okay! so, yesterday I found this girl working at a pharmacy and I remembered her form high school long time ago! like for years ago. we only had one class together and never really talked she's a complete stranger to me but I like her. I asked her if she remember me back when we were in that physics and didn't remembered me at all... so, now I would like to take her out to get to know her but I'm don't wanna mess things up and end up like a dick head. she might all ready be married :/ it's been four years! what should i DO?
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Seriously? Chill! Ask what's been going on in her she married, how long ago she finished college, why she got into pharmaceuticals, etc. Give her a very brief description of what you've been up to as well but don't hesistate to ask her out for some coffee or something. Day "dates" work out good for catching up with someone.
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gonna come of as desperate duder...
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If u go to the pharmacy to get a regular perscription check next time if she has a ring around her finger if not, go or it!
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Grow some 'nads' man!
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Dont listen to them! Just ask her out!
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A few companies don't permit employees to date customers. Be aware of that possibility.

Ask only if no other customers are around to make sure neither of you gets embarrassed.
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OK, this would be the best way to approach the situation. First try to communicate with her to see if there is any compatibility as far as conversation. Try to talk to her like your buddy and don't anticipate anything more than friends, really. (Don't think of her when you masturbate, that is self sabotage) Bear in mind that if she's attractive, and you are interested in her primarily on that level, you will fall into the dime a dozen category.

Ok, second, see if you like her personality (remember beauty is only skin deep and try to see beyond that). If you like her personality, talk to her, if the opportunity presents itself. Don't follow her, don't stalk her, just talk to her as if she's a friend. Be GENTLEMANLY at the same time. You could make small talk (assuming no wedding ring) and from that you can see her impression of you. You could extend an invitation to a BBQ or something on a casual basis. If anything is meant to be it will blossom on its own.
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