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Is it normal to ask strangers if a habit is normal?
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Is it normal to ask for strangers if a habit you do is normal?
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It can be easier to ask strangers because they aren't biased by whatever else they know about you.
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Only on IIN.
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Sometimes people can be a little too hypercritical on IIN but it can work in OP's favor with most of the questions asked here. If you asked someone who knew you better they could see more of the whole instead of a little snippet, in effect giving you better advice. There are faults in both. Possible bias in one not enough information to go off of in the other. I think they're both valuable.
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That's why IIN is here.
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Newbi, this must be your first visit to IIN.
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Well, that's the point of this very website.
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The point of INN. Why the fuck are you here!
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