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Is it normal to ask you girlfriend to stop shaving her pubic hair?
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Okay, I'm in my 40's and when I came of age no, I repeat, no woman shaved off all their pubic hair. Few even had a landing strip. I feel like pubic hair softens the appearance of a woman's private parts and I find it sexy. Now I am with a woman close to my age who is bald as a cue ball down there.
Do I have the right to ask her to stop shaving? On the one hand I prefer a woman with pubic hair. I also know for a fact that there is nothing unhygienic about pubic hair. Women have had it since the beginning of time. On the other hand its her body, and I am by nature not a demanding person so I am hesitant to ask her to stop shaving. Is this something a man can request from his partner?
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It's something that can be requested definitely. Though she might be hesitant to stop shaving completely. Maybe she will compromise with you to at least keep it trimmed but not totally shaved. Because like me she might find it very uncomfortable to let it grow long. Just talk to her.
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You can have a discussion with her but she's always going to get the casting vote because it's her body, and her choice.
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That's gonna be a awkward conversation !!! But I love pubes too! Pube power!
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I know you probably won't believe this but prior to the mid 1990's no women shaved completely. Everyone of you was born to a mother who did not shave. And many doctors have theorized that pubic hair serves the function of keeping dirt and bacteria out of the vagina. An unhealthy vagina smells, not hair. If you shower everyday, wear clean panties, and are healthy your pubic hair will not smell. Ladies you will have to trust me, I have had my nose in more hairy and shaved pussys than you have.
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Smooth & soft will a little hair on top
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Everyone has a preference but ultimately's her bush or lack thereof and her preference is paramount. As for being in no way unhygienic....are you retarded? Do you have any idea how our vajayjays work?
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It is not unhygienic at all....and you certainly have the right to request her to grow hair....right to demand?
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Like a full 80s bush? I wouldnt dive in that muff.
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^ Agreed. More hair = more odor (and not always pleasant odor)
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Pubic hair is waaaaaaay unhygienic. HELLO! Clean is clean.

You probably keep Phthirus pubis as pets.
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I guess biology is not your strong suit
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